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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shangri - La

Yes, back to The Reality.
And it's a grey, freezing and depressing one.
It's so not pretty in UK at the moment that I'm only left with posting my holiday pics and reminiscence about the things called Sun, Summer, Clear Blue Sky...things that are slowly becoming forgotten "spices" here.
...ok this obviously wasn't taken in the sun but in beautiful art deco Shangri - La in Santa Monica.
I found this dress earlier in the day in Planet Blue and just had to have it to complement the surroundings on the final night.

P.S. Oh and that's obviously my beautiful classic Chanel i got in Vegas...well my lovely husband presented me with It.
BTW...what's with all the teenage girls in US owing one like it's just casual Top Shop number?!!!
Thought US economy was in a dumpster!!!

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