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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I predict a riot!

Vintage Levi's shorts, Whistles shirt, ASOS  shoes, LF Stores ring

So the streets of London are in chaos.
After watching Ten O'clock News last night and warnings of more riots, I decided that drastic matters call for drastic day office smart outfit had to be scrapped in favor of heavy self defence gear-studs.
Spiky shorts, heavy footwear and knuckle duster...OK maybe not the knuckle duster, didn't want The Met to take interest in me and confiscate my jewellery.
8 days until California.
...speaking of which...dear rioters, riders, looters, proud asobo owners, please under any circumstances decide to target Heathrow airport next week, I really need to take that BA plane to the summer and some US retail therapy.
I need it.

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  1. Really cool ring! And cool blog also :) <3