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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bavaria ... or you snooze, you loose

Everyone has their daily morning routines, I've got two.
First one is pre-work - wake up, spend few minutes figuring out what day it is, swearing after realising it's still a weekday, go for a run, shower, brekkie, hit public transport.
Second one : upon arrival at work -switch on PC and first check of the day is Topshop website "new arrivals" (dear Employer, I would like to reassure you that Inbox gets checked straight after...ASOS, Whistles, US Weekly...). Anyways, I've had my eye on this shaggy number from Topshop's Bavaria range ever since i saw AW look book back in the non existing summer and this morning, there it was, down to the last couple slightly too big sizes but better get it then regret it (another one of my shopping motto's).
One thing I have been dwelling on though is the fact that I have been to Bavaria and must say, haven't seen many that stylish Bavarians out there...
Good beer though.

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